You’re Right on the Brink But You’re Stuck

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately:

“I’m right there.  I’m so close!  I feel like I’m just about to break through but I just can’t get past this certain point.  I’m stuck!”

Whether it’s a business that’s been idling, a website that’s been getting the same traffic for months on end, or a weight loss call you can’t reach, all of us hit walls.

So how do you break down that wall?  How do you take something to the next level?

I have a single answer for this but it comes in many forms: do something different.

That’s right, do something different.

It doesn’t mean that you stop doing the things that you do that got you to where you are.

But if you’re stuck in the same place, doing the things that you did to get you there (while they may work to maintain your situation), are no longer improving it.

Therefore you have to make some kind of change.  It could be adding something.  It could be subtracting something.

Maybe it means you need to hire a person.

Maybe it means you need to fire a person.

But using simple logic, if you’re going to adjust your course then you clearly have to move in some kind of different direction.

What that direction is can be left to interpretation, and it may take some trial and error to figure out.

The point is that you can’t stay where you are and do the same things.

If you’re fine with being the same and it feels right, by all means, stay where you are and be content.

But if moving forward is what you want, you’ll have no choice but to do something different.

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