You Can Make Money Doing Almost Anything

Let me repeat that: you can make money doing almost ANYTHING.

I think people simply forget to grasp that concept.

Think about it.

  • There was a time when no one realized that you could charge a person to rent a movie for 3 days.  So the movie rental business was born.
  • Then there was a time where you could have that movie sent to your house and keep it for a while before returning it back.  Netflix was born.
  • Then there was a time when you didn’t have to have the physical movie at all.  You could just watch it with your internet connection. Streaming was born.

Products and services evolve ALL the time.

As long as there’s a market for them you’ll always be able to make a living.

It’s a truly empowering thought.

By no means am I suggesting you attempt something that research doesn’t dictate will work.

But I am saying you literally can make money doing almost anything.

If the Pet Rock was able to make someone millions of dollars, then I’m pretty sure my statement holds true.

The sooner you realize that and the less you let others dictate your reality, the better off you are.

Again, you don’t just start something with zero plan, zero risk assessment, zero anything.

But it’s my firm belief that with the right idea, presentation of that idea, and marketing of that idea, most anything can be sold.

If you truly believe that you’ll be fine.  If you don’t you’ll never truly be free.

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