Won’t Do Business with Me Because of My T-Shirt? You’re a Moron

The year is 2021 in case some of you forgot.

I literally had someone criticize me for not “presenting well enough” in one of my videos the other day.

The person said that they took me less seriously because I wasn’t wearing a collared shirt or suit.

I happily responded with “thanks for the feedback.”

I did that because I’m not a dick but I was also thinking “is this guy serious?”  Ever hear of Steve Jobs?  Mark Zuckerberg?  Elon Musk?

When’s the last time you saw those guys wearing a suit let alone a collared shirt?

Hell even Jeff Bezos is now wearing sleeveless vests to show off his newly buff arms.

Whether you like it or not the days of wearing suits and “appropriate clothing” are over.

Am I saying you can wear nothing?  No.

Ami I saying you should be wearing shirts with holes in them?  No.

But I will say this.  I’m wearing the T-Shirts, and I’m sticking with the T-Shirts.

Because anyone worth a salt will know that it’s what I say and how I say it that matters the most.

I get presenting yourself well.  I truly do.  And there’s something to be said about appearances.

But when it comes to doing business with people, the last thing I’m looking at is whether a person is wearing a suit or not.

And frankly if you don’t want to do business with me because I’m wearing a T-Shirt?  I can firmly say that you’re the last person I’d want to do business with.

That and you’re a moron.


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