Without Accountability to Yourself, You are Lost

Remember when you were a kid and a teacher would get on you because you weren’t doing your work?

Remember when your parents rode you because you weren’t cleaning your room?

Remember the time you failed a test and your parents got on you because you didn’t study?

Or how about that time you missed the crucial shot in the game and realized you missed because you didn’t practice?  Who got on you about this one?  Your coach.

When we’re younger accountability is on the hands of our teachers, parents, coaches, or other authoritative figures.

But that’s not real life

Unfortunately the older you get, the less the authoritative figures wind up mattering.

Sure you might have a boss that gets on your ass about being late all the time.

And yeah, you might have a boss who micromanages the hell out of you to the point you want to quit.

You might even have a spouse that nags you because you’re not taking out the garbage enough.

Perhaps your spouse is upset that you’re not spending enough time with the kids.

It doesn’t matter.

But ultimately where does that get you?

You’ll either get fired, which sucks, or eventually you’ll quit because you have a boss that’s annoying the hell out of you.

And on the relationship front you’re just going to have a rocky time with your spouse.

In a worst case scenario you could wind up permanently damaging the relationship, possibly even getting a divorce.

Placing blame rarely if ever works

I’m not saying you won’t have a bad boss in your life.

I’m not saying that some bosses are the types you truly need to get away from.

I’m not saying you will always have the perfect marriage and the perfect spouse.

But if you continue to place the blame on people or circumstances for your life’s shortcomings, you will always have way less of a chance at turning things around.

Accountability to self trumps all others

There’s nothing wrong with being accountable to your boss.

There’s nothing wrong with being accountable to your spouse.

We should definitely be accountable to those in positions who can affect us greatly.

But if we are not accountable to ourselves, all of the others will eventually fail.

Sooner or later you are going to break.

Sooner or later you are going to place blame and that blame will lead you to make bad decisions.

Instead, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable, in all walks of life.

Whether it’s your physical health or mental health, you are the one that has to keep tabs on yourself.

By all means get a personal trainer.

By all means get a motivational coach in your life.

The more help we can get to encourage us, the better.

But even they’ll tell you that you’ve got to be accountable to yourself.

If you don’t get something done you’ve got to be disappointed in yourself first, above all others.

How do you do this?


I’m afraid this one’s not easy.  Especially if you are weak at holding yourself accountable in the first place.

Got a phone?  Find some kind of accountability software.

Got a computer?  Sign up to some website that gives you constant reminders to keep your priorities in place.

Got time to read a book?  Then read a book.

Do whatever it takes to find ways of keeping yourself accountable in all walks of life.

Start off small

My best suggestion would be to start off small.

Hold yourself accountable to small tasks in the beginning.

Eventually work your way up.

Putting it all together takes time and effort.

But eventually you can master this and it can all become automatic.

If you are having trouble on where to begin, my productivity course is a great place to start.

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