10 Things You Didn’t Know about Wisconsin Football

If you love college football, you might want to know a few interesting things about certain teams. This is especially true if the team in question is your team, but even if it isn’t you can still learn a lot about college football in general, just by reading through an article like this one. In this particular case, it’s all about Wisconsin football. Here are ten things you might want to know.

1. They’ve been playing football for more than 100 years

They actually started playing all the way back in 1889. When you stop and think about it, that’s rather staggering because it means they’ve been playing football consistently for the last 130 years. That’s plenty of time to develop all kinds of traditions centered around their football program.

2. They have one of the oldest stadiums of any college football team in existence

As a matter of fact, that stadium has been around for so long it’s now the fourth oldest one out of any college program in the country. That being said, it doesn’t really look all that dated. It definitely has character, there’s no doubt about that. Despite its age, they do a good job of keeping it in good condition so it’s one of the rare instances where you can experience something that has the character that only comes with age without it looking like it’s about ready to fall apart.

3. They’re in an elite group when it comes to games won

The team has won more than 700 games to date. That puts them in a special group of only 26 teams that have managed to pull this off. Regardless of the type of season they’re having at the time, this is something to be proud of.

4. There’s an interesting reason why they’re called Badgers

This is not just some arbitrary name. As a matter of fact, it speaks to the history of region. They got the name from miners that used to dig large holes in the ground in order to shelter from the cold weather while still being close to the mines. Somebody came up with the idea that they were digging holes much like badgers and the name stuck. Today, it’s used as a way to honor their history.

5. They’ve been conference champions eight times

A team that isn’t good doesn’t make it to conference competition like this eight separate times, much less winning the Conference Championship that many times. Over the years, they have proven that they know how to play football and that the program they have does indeed work.

6. And they were co-champions six more times

Not only did they manage to become Conference Champions on eight separate occasions, but they became co-champions an additional six times. When you total that up, that means they were Conference Champions a total of 14 times. That’s hard to even imagine but it speaks volumes for their football program.

7. Their first season was only two games long

When they first started playing back in 1889, they had a very short first season. As a matter of fact, that first season only consisted of two games. That just might go down as one of the shortest seasons in college football history. Moreover, they didn’t exactly get off to a great start. They lost both of those games.

8. They once beat a team by 106 points

On the flip side of things, they once beat a team by more than 100 points when they played the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, which just happened to be the very first game the team won. This occurred during the second season for the Badgers. They blew out the competition with a victory that saw a score of 106-0.

9. They have special distinction within the Big 10 conference

When the Big 10 was formed in 1896, the Wisconsin Badgers easily won the first Big 10 Championship ever held. They did this by winning seven of the nine games they played that season. In fact, they only had one loss. They tied the other game.

10. Their program has had its ups and downs

Every team goes through great seasons and then there are those seasons that aren’t so great. The Badgers have had seasons where they displayed absolute greatness and then there have been times where there were many seasons in a row that saw them struggling to figure things out. If anything, this has only served to make victory that much sweeter and it has certainly made the team more resilient.

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