Why I’m Telling You I Peed My Pants

Recently I created a video that began with the line “I just peed my pants.”

I then went on to say “no, seriously, I just peed my pants.”

Then I paused for a bit and looked at the camera.

Next line?

“Of course I didn’t pee my pants, but do I have your attention now?”

I didn’t make the rules but I sure as hell try to follow them these days.

And in today’s world of consumption and zero attention span you’ve got to do things that stand out.

That goes for marketing.

If you’re not capturing the attention of your audience within second you’ve already lost.

But don’t ever forget about part 2.  It’s what separates pure entertainment from business building.

In part 2 you then have to prove why your product or service is looking into.

If you’re saying “I peed my pants” just to get eyes opened, that’s fine but that will likely be your only result: the opening of eyes.

But if you want to sell something you better damned well have a justification for your product.

OK that’s all.

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