Why I Will Rarely Be a Guest on Podcasts Anymore

Being on a podcast seems like it would be an honor right?  In theory, yes.

It’s a great way to gain exposure in whatever means you are hoping.

Perhaps you have a product to sell and you’re looking to get it out there.

Perhaps you are trying to grow a personal brand and “getting out there” is a great strategic move.

These are the things I was hoping for when I began appearing on podcasts a few months ago.

How it started

In the last 9 months or so I’ve managed to build up my Linkedin network quite substantially.

As of this writing I have over 25,000 followers.  On an Instagram or Twitter these are paltry numbers.

However, on Linkedin it’s considerable and the engagement on that platform is excellent.

Given a rise in popularity, some interesting opportunities have popped up here and there.  Among them, the chance to be on podcasts.

So a few months ago I took up the offers and decided to be on a few podcasts.

What the reality was

There’s nothing wrong with being on a podcast.  It’s kind of cool to be interviewed and talk about yourself and thoughts on a myriad of topics.

But it all comes down to this for me: what am I getting out of it and does it get me closer to my goals?

The reality is that I didn’t really vet these podcasts.  It’s not that they were bad.  In fact they were very solid.

But that’s not the point.  For my goals and for what I want to do, none of them had a big enough reach.

The results didn’t warrant the time that I spent.  Most podcasts last about an hour.

An hour is a long time in my world.

In that hour I could have done a zillion other things, affected a whole lot more people, and potentially made a ton more money.

Again, I’m taking nothing away from these guys and girls, but in retrospect it wasn’t a good use of my time.

It all comes down to time and how you use it

As most of you know by now,  I’m a huge productivity guy.  It’s the lifeblood of my business and my life.

And as someone who likes to be extremely productive, time is my biggest commodity.

Nothing infuriates me more than wasting time.

And that’s exactly what I was doing here.  And that’s completely my fault.  There’s no one to blame but me.

The podcasts I was doing didn’t align with my goals, and because of this, I wasted valuable time.

Again, not the podcasts’ fault, but mine.

In fact, I do hope to do more podcasts in the near future.  However, only if……

Starting off on the right foot

Every opportunity you have in the world needs to be vetted, and thoroughly.

If I’m ever to go on a podcast again, it needs to be a substantial one.

I’d rather skip 20 little guys and focus on one big guy, which in my opinion will have a greater impact on not only everyone around me, but myself.

I’m not taking up an hour of my time for something that ends at that hour and nothing happens afterwards.  Unacceptable.

Which is to say it’s my responsibility to make sure (to the best of my ability), before going in, that I have the best chance at success.

And thankfully the vetting process is pretty darned fast with a podcast.

You do a couple Google searches, check out the reach, read about the host, and voila, you can make a pretty fast decision.

Efficiency is Key

If I can’t be efficient I’m lost.

If I can’t be the most effective, I’m lost.

Being on podcasts without any rhyme or reason was a bad decision.

On the flip side, I learned a valuable lesson from these appearances.

I did manage to pick up some skills and knowledge.

So was it a complete waste of time? No.

But I probably could have caught it a little earlier and not made the same mistake twice.

How are you spending your time?  Don’t forget to check out my productivity course.

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