Why I Talk About My Rates Extremely Early in the Process

The one thing I value in my life more than anything is time.  It’s not even close.

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that one thing I can’t stand more than anything in the world is when I feel I’ve either wasted my own time or someone else’s.

So when it comes to discussing the services I offer to people, I tend to operate in a way that’s most time efficient.

One of the ways to do this is by bringing up what I charge very early in the process.

Do I come out of the gates swinging and tell people “Just so you know, this is what I charge?”  Absolutely not.

The reason for this is simple.  I have offerings of all types, both free and paid.

So what do I do?

I always try to assess a person as quickly and as accurately as I can before determining what to offer them.

From the get go I tend to ask my clients a series of questions around their lives.

I try to get a feeling about what their wants are.  What they hope to accomplish.  How they’ve been helped in the past.  How they think they can be helped now.

Once that’s established, I always bring up my rates, and if further conversation is necessary, we schedule a call to go over more details.

I never try to ascertain how much money a person has.  I don’t try to read people.

I simply explain the process to them and am completely transparent about it.

Then it’s up to them to decide.

If my rates are too expensive I always have options.  While one-on-one coaching can be expensive, I offer an affordable course.

If someone is still unsure money wise, I offer them to join my newsletter which is free.

I want to try to be able to create value no matter what income level a person is at.

However, I’ve found that so much time can be saved if I’m super up front about what it is I do, and how much I charge.

I used to do it the other way

I used to have long conversations with people.

I used to play the stupid used car salesman game and try to really get someone as interested as I could before dropping the price bomb on them.

Do you know why I did this and why so many others do?

Because they are scared.  They are nervous about what the other person will say.

That and they may very well not be confident enough in their services.

I know what I offer.

I know what I’ve done for people and what I’m capable of doing for people.

Therefore I will always stand behind my rates and if someone isn’t comfortable with that, that’s perfectly OK.

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