Why Diarrhea Commercials are Confusing to Me

You know those commercials that promote diarrhea reducing products?

The ones where they talk about diarrhea, taking the product, and then all of a sudden they show some shot of a person riding a horse or laughing hysterically while at lunch with their friends?

Why are these commercials completely OK to air on TV but we can’t fart in public?

Oh you better believe I have a point here.

My point is this:

Who decides what passes for acceptable and what doesn’t?

Am I suggesting you go out tomorrow and start farting in public?


But I am saying this.

Think about all of the things you’ve held back in your life because society signaled you to do so.

Think about all of the experiences you didn’t have because of something you’ve read or seen.

The truth of the matter is that we’ll never know why certain customs or practices become the norm.

But at the same time we also have to have the sense to know when to break these norms and when not to.

Think about that the next time you’re thinking “eh, that wouldn’t be normal if I did that.”

Since when did normal become a precursor to success?  Never.


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