Why Businesses Fail: Leadership

In my opinion the number one reason businesses fail is leadership. And it’s not even close.  Even when you think it’s no one’s fault, you can still point to leadership. Let’s say your business goes through a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane which leaves the business in shambles. Well, what if the owner of the business didn’t get insurance prior? Whose fault is that?  It’s the leader’s fault. What if that leader never anticipated a hurricane in a place where hurricanes are common and their business went belly-up? What if that person save up enough money for a “rainy day?”  It comes down to leadership folks. It’s not the bottom on up. It’s the top on down.

Okay, let’s give another example: A bad apple. Let’s talk about a bad apple or a bad employee.  A bad employee ruined the whole company. Whose fault is that? The person who hired that person. That person wasn’t vetted, supported, taken care of, mentored, or taught the right way to do things. It all starts from the top. I don’t care how big a business it is.

If you have a company that’s humongous and there’s a thousand plus employees, it starts from the CEO and goes right down to the business heads. Each business head is responsible to their people and so on down the line. But remember, it starts from the top. The CEO has to set an example for all the business heads.Those business heads have to set an example for all of their employees and so on and so forth.

You want to go macro here? Let’s talk about society as a whole.

All the problems that we see out there have to do with leadership. A country starts with its leader. The very top of the Government and it goes down and down and down and down: Governors, Senators, Mayors, City officials, etc etc. Each rung in that ladder has a responsibility to the next rung and it starts from that top. So when bad things happen all the way at the bottom believe me, there’s a trail and it leads to the top.

I refuse to believe otherwise, but I am curious as to what your opinion is on this……

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