Why are We Deliberately Sabotaging Our Concentration so Much?


I’m a male so I can only imagine that males have this issue or have done this but hear me out.  Just the other day I caught myself doing something that I’ve done way too many times in my life.  Tell me if you’ve done this before.   I was pissing in the toilet bowl as I normally do but I tried flushing the toilet before I was actually done peeing.  I tried to time it so that right when all the water flushed down the toilet, by the time it came back up I’d be done pissing and therefore the water would stay clear.  It’s kind of like a little game.  If you keep peeing when the water is coming back up and the water starts turning yellow, you lose.  I know this all sounds silly but I’m willing to bet plenty of guys have done this.  However, for the first time it dawned on me that this is a horrible thing to do and representative of a lot of things both I and many people do on a consistent basis.  We rush too much and our brains are focused on too many things at once.  Think about it.  In reality this pissing “game” I’m playing is really just me rushing.  Instead of focusing on the piss, I’m focusing on how fast I can be done peeing and timing it with the flush.  It’s like, dude, just enjoy the piss and when it’s over, move onto something else.  Same goes for our lives.  Try and take one thing at a time before moving on to the next.  Read your emails, one at a time.  Keep ONE window open on your computer.  Do ONE task at a time.  So on and so forth.  You’ll find if you concentrate super hard on ONE thing, getting many things done is actually easier.

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