Who Was Tamara de Lempicka?

Tamara de Lempicka was a painter who became well-known for her depictions of the wealthy and aristocrats through the medium of Art Deco portraits. Her work was polished and she also painted nudes with a high stylization. She is now regarded as one of the great painters of her time, and if you’ve not heard of her, the artist has a colorful history that you may be interested in knowing about.

Her early life

Tamara Lempicka is the name that she adopted for professional reasons. She was born in Warsaw, Poland on the 16th of May in 1998. Her mother was Malwina Decler. She was Polish and a Catholic socialite. Her mother spent the majority of her life living abroad and she met Tamara’s father at a European spa. Tamara’s father was a Russian Jewish attorney who worked for a French trading company. His name was Boris Gurwik-Gorski.

Tamara was sent to a boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1911. After pretending to be sick, she was allowed to leave the school for health reasons but in reality, it was a ruse to get out of school so she could accompany her grandmother on a tour of Italy where her interest in art blossomed. The following year her parents divorced and her mom remarried. Tamara returned to the school but only in protest of her mother’s new marriage. She stopped visiting her mother’s home, opting instead to spend her free time with a wealthy Aunt Stefa in St. Petersburg.

Her first marriage and introduction to art

After meeting Tadeusz Lempicki in 1915, Tamara’s family offered him a sizeable dowry and the couple married the following year.The pair traveled to Paris. While living in France, Tamara studied painting with Andre Lhote and Maurice Denis. She developed her own style of painting and was greatly inspired by painter Jean-Dominique Ingres’ work. She adopted a neoclassical style that was melded with late, refined cubism.

Tamara actively participated in the Paris social and artistic scene in between the Wars.

She would experience many changes in her life. She became Baron Raoul Kuffner’s mistress in 1928. He was a wealthy Austro-Hungarian art collector. When his wife died in 1933, he and Tamara wed the following year. She became a Baroness who was known for her artistic talent.

Her personal life

Tamara de Lempicka was known for her enjoyment of a hedonistic lifestyle. Fully embroiled in the arts, these were her social circles. She was brought up by wealthy parents and never wanted for anything in her life. She preferred to not depend on family or marriage to support her lifestyle. She had a sense of pride in working as a painter on high-commission paintings for the aristocratic and very wealthy. She would travel from her home in France to paint a portrait for wealthy American oil barons. She made a point of informing the world that she didn’t believe in miracles or good fortune. She believed, rather, that life is what you make of it and she was determined to find personal success.

Tamara engaged in multiple intense love affairs throughout her life. She was bisexual in her sexual preferences and she was known for her intense and highly active libido. She associated closely with women writers who were lesbian and bisexual in the 1920s. Most of her love affairs were restricted to those who ran in high-society circles, but on one occasion she engaged in a brief affair with a Boite de Nuit nightclub singer named Suzy Solidor. Lempicka painted her portrait later.

Her work inspired a legacy

Lempicka’s work is admired by many famous personalities. The American actress and singer Madonna maintains a collection of Lempicka’s work. Madonna has loaned some of the pieces from her collection to local museums on occasion. She’s even featured some of Lempicka’s art in several of her music videos.

A move to America

She and her husband made a move to the United States after World War II broke out in 1939. She painted portraits for celebrities and worked on some abstract paintings through the 1960s. After a lull of interest in her work, this would be the era that her work became popular once again. In 1974, she moved to Mexico and it was here that she passed away in 1980. She requested that her ashes be scattered over Mount Popocatepetl which is a volcano and her wishes were carried out.

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