Who is Dave Chappelle’s Wife?

Dave Chappelle is a well-known figure. However, his wife Elaine is much less so. Still, that isn’t to say that there is no information about there out there for those who are curious. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Elaine Chappelle:

1. Her Name Is Elaine

Dave Chappelle’s wife is named Elaine Chappelle. However, her maiden name is Elaine Mendoza Erfe.

2. Elaine Means Shining Light

Elaine is an interesting name of French origin. In short, it is believed to be a form of Helen, which is why it can be translated to something along the lines of “Shining Light.” With that said, while Elaine isn’t a particularly uncommon name in the English-speaking world of the present, it wasn’t particularly popular in said part of the world until the release of Idylls of the King in 1859. This is because Arthuriana contained a surplus of characters named Elaine, which can make distinguishing between them more than a little bit confusing.

3. Mendoza Means Cold Mountain

Mendoza sees plenty of use as a family name. In short, it is a name of Basque origin, which is believed to translate to something along the lines of “Cold Mountain.” With that said, it has seen some evolution over time, which is why its modern form bears some relatively minor differences from its predecessor.

4. She Was Born in Brooklyn

Regardless, Elaine Chappelle was born in Brooklyn. Of course, Brooklyn would be one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. However, it is interesting to note that said borough is home to more than 2.6 million people, meaning that it is more populous than most cities in spite of its status as a borough.

5. Her Family Came from the Philippines

Elaine Chappelle came from the Philippines, which is a country that has had a complicated relationship with the United States for some time. This started with the Spanish-American War in the late 19th century and early 20th century, which came to a conclusion with Spain transferring its then colony to the United States in a treaty that was drawn up in Paris.

6. Wanted to Become a Chef

It is interesting to note that Elaine Chappelle wanted to become a chef. While she never became a chef, she has nonetheless managed to hold on to her passion for cooking while picking up a fair amount of cooking skill over time. Something that she is happy to demonstrate for her friends as well as her family members.

7. Relationship Was Pretty Low-Key

Dave and Elaine were in a relationship for some time before they got married. However, the two kept their relationship low-key, so much so that the media didn’t pick up on the fact that they were in a relationship until after they had gotten married.

8. First Public Appearance at Philippines-American Picnic in Dayton, OH

Like most of the people who have emigrated to the United States, Filipino-Americans have established communities throughout the United States. Naturally, these communities have regular events to celebrate their heritage, with an excellent example being the Philippines-American Picnic that is held in Dayton, OH on an annual basis. Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that this is where Dave and Elaine had their first public appearance, which made for something of a surprise at the time.

9. Had Some Hesitations about Relationship

Like most people, Elaine had some initial hesitations about her relationship with Dave. In part, this was because of Dave’s career, which was bound to bring with it a fair amount of scrutiny from the media. Something that was bound to have an impact on her life. However, there was also the fact that Dave was a rather loud person, which was something that Elaine wasn’t particularly used to. Still, it is clear that she eventually resolved those hesitations, as shown by the fact that the two have been happily married for years and years.

10. Sometimes Mentioned in Dave’s Routines

A lot of comedians like to get their material from their lives, with their families being a common source. Dave Chappelle is no exception to this rule, but neither Elaine nor their children mind being mentioned in his jokes because they know very well that he loves them.

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