When Something Is Out of Your Hands, It Absolutely Blows

As much as it’s important to show your good side when things are going well, the scary side needs an appearance too.

It’s not often that I have work being done on my websites but recently I underwent some major website surgery.

There are some big Google updates coming up and I wanted to be prepared.

It’s far and away the most money I’ve ever put into my websites and to say that I’m nervous would be a complete lie.

I don’t get nervous.  I absolutely freak out.

I always go straight to “if one thing goes wrong I’m screwed.

What if this changes my sites forever and my whole business goes under?”

I don’t even go anywhere in between or have a shred of calm.  I just go straight to apocalypse.

And here’s the thing.

As long as I live if I’m doing something I deem as important as this, I will always feel this way.

I know this about myself.

The pain in the ass is that these updates are up to my developer and not me.  So technically there’s zero I can do about it.

I mean literally zero.

Do you know how shitty that feels?  I’m sure that you do.

So how do I cope with this?  How do I deal with it?  How do you accept things you can’t control?

My answer?

Nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  I’ve been doing what I do for 15 years and the only cure for how I feel is experience.

It hurts a tiny bit less now, but it still hurts a ton.

I wish I had a better answer.  I mean sure, taking a walk helps but ultimately until it’s over, nothing REALLY helps the anxiety go away.

What makes me feel better is the knowledge that these events don’t happen often so I know I can deal with them once in a while.

It’s like going to the doctor.  It sucks to be there but hopefully if you’re in good health, it’s not too frequent.

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