What’s Your “Get It Done” Time?

Every single day I’m “on it” from around 6am until 9:30 – 10am.

And by “on it” I mean that I’m completely locked in.

That means that in this time period, every single day (even weekends for me), I try to get every single priority thing completed that I set out to complete.

For me that means getting every task related to my websites finished.

That way the rest of my day is “easy.”  And by easy I mean not everything is necessary for the rest of the day.  It’s almost optional.

I become more relaxed.  The pressure eases up.   Tasks are simple.

I call this time in the day “the bonus.”

It’s almost like anything that happens from 10:30 am onward is icing on my cake.

It’s during this time that I schedule coaching client calls.

It’s during this time that I’ll work out.

It’s during this time that I’ll play with my kids, or hang out with the wife.

When you feel no pressure, it’s always more “fun” to do stuff.

But there’s something to be said about locking yourself into that zone for a few hours to start every single day.

What’s your “get it done” time?

Recently I had a conversation with a client who told me from 5am-9am she’s always most productive.

It’s most quiet then (her kids are asleep). and she focuses the best during this time period.

What’s even more interesting is that she told me she does not function well after 12pm.

So instead of trying to force anything I said, “that’s great!”  This is your time.

This is the time we want to get ALL priorities done.

So now our focus is on getting her max performance during this 4 hour period.

I’m talking EVERYTHING.  And I fully believe she can build a six figure and beyond business quite easily in this window.

This method might not be for everyone but how awesome would it be to wake up, get all you need done in 3-4 hours and then have the rest of your day to do “whatever?”

If that sounds like fun to you, reach out to me.

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