What Would You Do if Money Was Never an Issue?

If money was never an issue in your life, how would you live your life?

We get this question all the time and I personally think it’s a truly important question.

Most people in the “improvement” industry like myself, always ask this at one point or another to our clients.

The reason is because it forces you to look at yourself.

It forces you to say, “well now that my biggest issue in life is gone, how would I live?”

But as importantly as what it forces you to say, it also forces you to think.

Because in reality we later find out that money was usually never the central issue.

Often times our issues for not being where we want to be revolve around fear, anxiety, missed chances, and the regrets of lost time.

What do people say?

When I pose this question to my clients I get a mixed bag of answers.

However, there’s definitely some telling trends in there.  And here they are:

On the one hand you get the immediate responses like “I would go on vacation.  I would buy a new house, car, etc etc.”

That’s the immediate gratification side of the equation.  It’s a natural reaction when put through this type of exercise.

But on the other hand,, when truly given time to reflect on the question you’d be surprised what people say.

The most common answer?  “I would help people.”  Yes, seriously.  The majority of people would help other people if money were never an issue in their lives.

Other common answers include “spend more time with family, work less (or not at all), travel more, do something for humanity, etc etc.”

What amazes me here is the obvious.

Do you need more money to help people?  Do you need more money to travel more?  Do you need more money to spend more time with loved ones?

The answer is absolutely not.  Money can amplify time spent and your ability to help people but you certainly don’t need it to do so.

What do you say?

So I turn this question over to you.

If money were never an issue again in your life, what would you do?

How would you spend your time?

Think about it for a while.  The answer may not only surprise you but even more surprising is that it’s likely you can do these things right now.

Need some help living the life you want?  Reach out to me.

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