What Worries Me About Linkedin

I’ve been doing the online thing for 12 years now and if there’s one thing I can spot, it’s bullshit.  Linkedin’s definitely not quite there yet with regards to it being a cesspool of bots, paid followers, and snake oil salesmen, but I do see some disturbing trends lately.  Since when do people who have no experience in consulting, driving sales, motivating others, whatever the case may be, have the right to pass themselves off as experts in these fields?  Never before have I seen so many people who have 15-20 thousand followers and when you actually look at their work experience, their ONLY experience is coaching?  Like, that’s all you’ve done?  What the hell is going on here?  Just because you can hit the connect button 100,000 times does NOT make you an expert in whatever field or service your pushing yourself as.  So how do you spot the bullshit?  LOOK at their profiles.  See their past work experience.   Try and gauge whether they’re just talking the talk or actually walking the walk.  Be selective.  Be vigilant.  You want to be serious about your career on Linkedin?  Then connect with serious people who have been through the trenches, not just those that sell you a bullshit bill of goods.

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