What Super Hooligan Flat-Track Racing Is

If you’ve never heard about Super Hooligan racing then you’re missing out. It’s a form or racing that calls for taking street bikes straight from the floor of the show room and entering them in a variety of races and other competitive events. At a Super Hooligan event, you’ll see a variety of dream street bikes including the Ducati Scrambler, the Harley-Davidson XG750, the Indian Scout and these are just a few.

The Rules for Super Hooligan Racing

Not many modifications are made to these bikes. It’s a lot different than you’ll find at a traditional race and the rules of the Super Hooligan events call for the use of a stock frame unaltered with the exception of a few bolt-on components. It’s meant to be affordable racing that doesn’t break the bank in prep and keeping it as simple as possible. If you really want to ad an after market swing arm it’s allowed, but the tires are strictly limited to 17 or 19 inch flat track rain tires, no exceptions. 750cc-plus twin and it has to be a street bike.

What’s so cool about Super Hooligan Racing?

One of the neatest things about Super Hooligan racing, is that none of the bikes in the competitions are designed for track racing. On top of this, it’s a flat track. You can enter any bike brand as long as it meets the other requirements. There are no spec racing elements and its something that is open to more people who are interested in racing but who don’t want to put the extra money into specialty racing bikes.

How popular is Super Hooligan racing?

Wherever Super Hooligan racing is being held, the grandstands are being packed out. It’s something that many of the fans who show up as spectators can relate to and it’s also something that many of them will be getting into themselves. Many of them ride the very same bikes that are competing in the races and other sponsored events. This makes the spectators feel even closer to the races and the participants. It’s amateur racing and it doesn’t come with the politics that arise in pro motorcycle racing.

You can make money racing in Super Hooligan events

These races may be amateur, but there is money up for grabs for the winners. The purses include valuable bikes than can go for as much as $50,000. That’s not chicken scratch exactly. It can be a lucrative venture for the lucky winners.

Serious but not

These races are amateur but they’re not to be taken lightly. When the riders are on the track and in competition, it’s all serious. Most of them know what they’re doing and they’re there to have fun, but they’re also racing to win the purse. After the race, egos aren’t usually an issue like you may see with some of the pro racing after events. The riders all get together and have a few beers and talk about the race. It’s a lot more laid back than the pro racing events. You may also see free style racers participating and you can also find some great footage of the races posted on social media, which is big among Super Hooligan racers. You can count on them to post some of the most entertaining content on social media.

Fun for experienced riders

Super Hooligan Racing can be a lot of fun for riders who really know what they’re doing. When it’s promoted as amateur racing, this is very far from beginner’s races. You really need to have some level of experience not only as a rider but also in racing because as a sport, it’s every bit as dangerous as professional motorcycle racing, if not even more so. The bikes are made for street riding and not racing. While this is somewhat of a novelty, it also poses a greater risk to the riders. It’s a sport that is exciting for both racers and the fans and from the looks of things, it’s pickup up speed in its popularity. We don’t think it’s going to be going away any time soon so if you get the chance, give yourself a treat and go watch a Super Hooligan bike race.

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