What if Picking Your Nose Were a Doctor’s Recommendation?

Seriously, what if society was always told that picking your nose was not only acceptable, but recommended by doctors?

How long would it take for all of us to be whipping out our fingers and digging for gold?

Did you know that at one point cigarettes were endorsed by doctors?  Yes, it’s true!  Look it up.

There was actually a time when people thought the world was flat (and some people still do).

Think about all this stuff for a second.

I’m not telling you to go out and pick your nose.  I’m not telling you to smoke cigarettes.

And I’m certainly not pushing a flat earth theory on all of you.

What I am saying is simple.

Not everything is as it seems all the time and by all people.

Things evolve.  Even facts change.

Data wins out 99.9% of the time and when it comes to life, work, I go by the data.

I let whatever the most logical data points are to guide my decisions.

So today I might be scared to eat egg yolks because of the high cholesterol.

But if enough data came out that told me eating egg yolks reduced bad cholesterol I might be swallowing hard boiled eggs by the dozen.

Which is to say that without flexibility and without keeping an open mind, we ourselves will never evolve and will never be better.

The world constantly changes and we must change along with it.

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