Watch Tom Brady Dust Stephen Colbert in a Beer Chugging Contest

Tom Brady made his guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his diet and exercise book The Big TB12 Method. Colbert surprised his guest with a pint of beer, something certainly not on the list of beverages in Brady’s book. Brady admitted to partaking in beer rarely but, back in the day, he said he was a good beer chugger. His teammate Brian Hoyer recently told ESPN’s Mike Reise that although Brady had to be coaxed into the challenge, he would usually win beer chugging contests with teammates while on road trips.

Despite his avoidance of alcohol, Brady happily took Colbert’s challenge to chug the pint of beer with him and Brady won. After clinking glasses Brady chugged his pint of beer in less than 2 seconds even going back to sip the last ounce before Colbert finished off his pint. Clearly, Tom Brady can take on any challenge and win.

Promoting Diet and Exercise Book

Tom Brady and his wife, Brazilian super model Giselle Bundshen, adhere to a strict diet and exercise lifestyle. The payoff is obviously worth it when you see the couple. Brady is in the eighteenth year of a very successful professional football career. Obviously he is doing something right in his diet, exercise and recovery regimen. The Big TB12 Method is Brady’s first book and, along with pictures of the handsome NFL pro, includes details of Brady’s diet and exercise program. Brady developed the method with his friend and “body coach” Alex Guerrero. Brady’s diet is strict. He abstains from white sugar and white flour. Brady also avoids MSG, caffeine, diary, fungi, and even nightshade (flowering plants like tomato, potato and eggplant). The overall diet consists of 80% fruit and vegetables, lots of protein and fiber, and little sugar and salt. Brady admitted that in his younger days his diet consisted of pizza, cheeseburgers, and, of course beer.

A bowl of strawberries?

Although fruit is high on the list of foods in Tom Brady’s diet, he admitted to Stephen Colbert that he doesn’t like red fruit. It has nothing to do with nutritional value. He just doesn’t like the smell of fruit like strawberries. Colbert presented Brady with a bowl of strawberries and challenged him to try one for the first time in his life. Like the beer challenge, Brady took on the challenge like a champion. After tasting a strawberry, Brady responded, “not that bad”. Maybe now, Tom Brady will add strawberries to his diet.

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