Want to Make More Money? Focus on Where You Get the Best Returns

Sounds simple right?  If you want to make more money then just follow the best returns.

But here’s the thing.  The best returns need to be YOUR best returns, not someone else’s.

And often time this becomes the biggest problem.

Some people think they need to invest in stocks.

Others think they need to invest in real estate.

But many times a person’s best returns might very well be in front of their face.

What if you run a business that’s been gaining 20% a year, every year?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this.

People are running a thriving business which keeps growing and yet they’re worried about where to put their money.

Is it OK to diversify?  Of course it is!

Of course you should have a little here and a little there, but often times our best returns might be right under our noses.

It’s not about chasing returns.

It’s about seeing where YOU make the best returns and sticking with those returns until they change.

My own case

For the last decade what I’ve earned in my own endeavors has far exceeded the stock market returns and it’s not even close.

Yet here I am, invested in the stock market.

And it’s where a lot of my money is.

It literally wasn’t until this year that I decided that the biggest percentage of money I earn will be put into my business account.

If that changes, I’ll adjust.

But see my point?

Some people know how to make money racing horses.

Some people are amazing at waste management.

If that’s where your best returns are coming from, scale THERE and then adjust as necessary.

Just because something gets a high return for some people doesn’t mean it’ll get the same for you.

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