Want To Know The Fresh Prince’s Cab Fare From West Philadelphia To Bel-Air?


“Yo holmes, smell ya later!”  Does anyone realize how good a line that is.  Not only that, the cab guy actually gives him a thumbs up when he pulls off from Bel-Air.  To this day The Fresh Prince of Bel Air remains a cult sitcom that’s still popular among tons of different demographics.   Carlton will never, ever get old.  The comedy in that show still holds up today and it’s just hilarious to think that this is actually Will Smith.  It’s like the guy has lived two completely different lives.   One as Fresh Prince, and one as a megastar Hollywood celebrity.

In any event, what someone did this week is a testament to A. how much time they had on their hands and B. that millions of people are still devoted to the show.  If you were to actually calculate cab fair from West Philly to Bel-Air, what would it cost?

According to Break

Well someone with a little time on their hands and presumably nostalgia for 90’s television did some number crunching this week and figured out how much exactly a cab would cost to travel such a long distance. Y’know, just in case any one of us are able to travel across the country to escape poverty and crime thanks to rich distant relatives.

So how many kidneys do we gotta sell to take a cab from here to there? The cost would be somewhere around $7,000 smackeroos! $7,290 to be exact. Of course that’s not a bad investment considering your “auntie and uncle” probably have millions of damn dollars.

So there’s your answer.  Now for a little “smell ya later”

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