Videos of Children Doing Amazing Things We’ll Never Do

Child Prodigy

We’ve all seen amazing things done by little kids. In fact all of us at some point have said about our own relatives, “I can’t believe he/she is only five and they knew that. Or could DO that.”  You get my drift.   But how often do you see kids doing things that you can’t even come remotely close to doing? That’s why you really have to appreciate child prodigies. I actually feel bad for them because in general it’s very tough for these kids to assimilate and grow up in a way where they’d be perceived as normal people by their peers.

However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be appreciated for their gifts. In fact, they should be awed at, which I think in general they are. Here are some amazing videos of child prodigies

5 Year old Phenom at Dance Revolution

Let’s just say I’ll never be practicing this….ever.

Are You Kidding me?

Boy do I feel small right now.  How is this even possible?

Jashaun Augusto – The Next MJ

The question is.  How tall is this kid gonna be?

This kid is 4 – Shuan Hern Lee

I happen to play piano and I seriously might consider quitting after watching this video.

Arnav Bhargava loves cars

I guess his parents are proud of him????

12 Year Old Violin Prodigy


This Kid is 10

So yeah, I think it’s time to end my life.

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