Using a List Might Very Well Change Your Life

Recently I suggested to a client that he start using lists to plan out his today.

But not a changing list.  A static list.

I don’t always put my clients on lists but this one felt like he needed one for structure and for focus.

This particular list only consists of 4 things.  These are 4 things that are his most pressing priorities of each day.

As we progress there will be sub categories within these four so we can make the list more granular.

But in essence this is what I told my client to do:

Once you wake up you only have one thing to do.  Complete the 4 tasks on this list.  No interruptions.  No distractions.

In addition, there must be no overlap whatsoever.

You must finish the first thing on this list before moving to the next, and so forth.

He had never tried this before.

His response the next day?

My soul feels as though its been freed!!! Even picked up two new deals within these four hours. I am going to stick by this.

Lesson Learned here:

It doesn’t have to be a list.

It doesn’t have to be a daily reminder.

It just has to be something, anything that provides you structure in your life.

My point is this.:

If every single day you focus on your main priorities first and nothing else i.e you will not focus on anything else until these are done, an entire world can open up to you.

What surprises me is that more people aren’t or don’t do this.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even function without sticking to my list each day.

What are you doing to make sure your priorities are first and foremost?

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