Did You Know The U.S. Army Trains to Fight in Fictional Countries?

Atropia is America's Top Secret War

The United States military has become experts at tricking the enemy into believing they’re going to do one thing, when they’re actually planning to do another. Beginning in the World War II era, the US military strategic planners learned a valuable lesson that still serves leaders today. They were up against the brilliant strategist Adolf Hitler. Say what you will about him, the German dictator was a formidable enemy and it took sharp thinking and planning to gain an edge on his evil regime.

This was the first example of US trickery in battle planning. The allies leaked information to Hitler’s spies to lead them to believe that the First United States Army Group would stage their invasion in France at Pas de Calais, while the whole time, they were planning to invade Normandy. There was no First United States Army as the name was made up to get Germany to rally their troops in a different area. The American military creates fictional countries for the purpose of training troops. This is a complex process that creates a made up currency system with a series of international dynamics. Here are five fictional countries they created to train their personnel for a fight under similar conditions.


The country of Atropia is based upon certain hot spots that could be pivotal if a conflict were to break out in the identified regions. Atropia has been developed with similar features of certain Eurasian countries to enhance the skills of military personnel in the event that problems break out in any of these areas. Scenarios are created that simulate potential situations that could arise under which Atropia would call upon western allies for assistance. The political climate, key resources including oil pipelines, relations between neighboring countries both friendly and hostile and international implications help US military personnel to train for a variety of different scenarios through war game based simulations and assignments.

The People’s Republic of Pineland

It’s almost humorous that the strongman named in this fictitious city is Jose Cuervo. He’s into stirring up discord among local militias. He also captures and tortures guerrilla fighters to leave an impression on opposing forces. This country is also the home of Keith Mohammed, a wanted terrorist. Pineland is a strong ally of the US and they’ve fought by our side in the first and second world wars as well as in Korea and Iraq. America has special forces units sin the country to aid the guerrilla fighters and help them develop a strong army, so you can imagine our position regarding Jose Cuervo.

The Island of Aragon

Aragon is an Island that was created by the US military for training purposes. It doesn’t really exist in the real world, but the fictional country consists of an Island that is divided into three nations including: People’s Democratic Republic of Acadia, the Republic of Cortina, and the Republic of Victoria. There are vast natural resources in Cortina that the US has a vested interest in, but the political corruption along with the right wing contingencies and local terrorist groups who are constantly battling for control have made it a hot spot. The US has certain objectives to achieve to secure its interests and these set up an interesting backdrop for situational training which include counterinsurgency, security and humanitarian aid delivery.

Simulated invasion scenarios are created with campaigns lasting several weeks to help prepare personnel for a real world encounter under similar circumstances. By the way, these simulations are so life like that they also include realistic sound effects.


The fictitious country of Attica is located in the Middle East and this country isn’t in good condition. They have a radical Islamic Congress attempting to destabilize the current government and place a theocratic regime in its stead which would lead to a highly oppressive government system. The Ellisian Army, also fictitious, is preparing for a full invasion and have their mechanical resources set in place. There is also a Jihadist Islamic Brotherhood that is interested in setting up their terrorist base of operations in the area. Their goal is to position themselves for launching transnational attacks.

For training purposes, the US Army must work with the Attican security forces as they attempt to put down the insurgency and secure the borders of the country while shoring up the state. They set a high priority on preventing terrorist organizations from setting up a base operation in the region.

The People’s Democratic Republic of Krasnovia

This fictitious country, created by the US Army is very similar to the USSR during the cold war era. In this country, there is a constant threat of war. Their neighbor, The Republic of Mojave is an ally of the US but an enemy of the Kingdom of Parumphia which is an ally of Krasnovia. This sets up a unique set of circumstances for training personnel in complicated political scenarios. One of the simulations involving this made up country deals with preventing them from obtaining uranium which they would use for the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

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