Try Doing This Right Now and You Will Automatically Feel Better

We’re going to call this a magic trick.

It involves both being selfless and selfish at the same time.  Ready?

Think of someone you don’t particularly like but that you are in contact with on a regular basis.

Got the person in mind?  Good.

Call them up.  No email.  No text.  You must actually call them.

If they answer, pay them a legitimate compliment.  Pause.  See what they say and let the conversation go where it goes.

If you get their voicemail then just ask them to call you back and do the same thing.

Also, if you get a voicemail try going to another person until you can get someone on the line.

Here’s what I can guarantee will happen.

It might not be for the day.  It might not be for the week.

But I can guarantee you that in this particular moment of talking to this person you will 100% feel better about you and them.  And they will feel better about themselves and you.

Look, the last thing I am is a person who minces words.  Often times I don’t hold back when I have distaste for something.

However, I like many people have a harder time paying compliments and being positive.

Seriously, just try this exercise and see what happens.  That is all.

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