“Trading Hours for Dollars” – How Long Can You Keep It Up?

I hadn’t heard the phrase “trading hours for dollars” in a long time until today.

As I reflect on my career I’m thankful to say that I only engaged in this kind of behavior for a minority of my career.

One fateful day back in 2008 I told the corporate world to take a hike and I took a shot on my own.

While there have been some tremendously painful days since, I wouldn’t trade my career for anything.

Once you begin the shift from “time is money” into “time is more important than anything and money when used correctly just amplifies your time” a whole new world can begin.

Every moment you spend doesn’t have to be this forceful attempt at living as if its your last day.

But if you can, in some way, make sure that each moment goes towards living the ideal life, then you’re doing the right things.

Stop trading your time for money and start valuing your time like life itself.

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