Why You Should Check Out the Art of Tomislav Jagnjic

Tomislav Jagnjic is currently making a name for himself on the Internet, yet many people are still not aware of who this man is or what he does. If you are amongst these people, then you might be surprised to learn that he is a talented up and coming artist and his work stands out for many reasons.

Jagnjic is originally from Montenegro but is currently living in Serbia, He describes himself as a concept artist and illustrator. His work is digital art that concentrates on the science-fiction and fantasy genres.

Many of his works feature dark woodland scenes with strange creatures in the form of half-tree half-animal emerging from the shadows while others feature warriors alongside creatures. Some interesting ones have shadowy outlines of cloud-like creatures in the sky looming above a person, some of which are friendly in appearance while others look threatening.

However, not all of his digital art takes on this style. One example is a portrait of a beautiful young girl and another is a magical fairy-tale woodland scene. He has also produced a piece of art that of a lion wearing a robe and a crown and carrying a book.

One of the reasons his work stands out is that many of his pieces have an interesting and humorous title. Just some of the titles include ‘Hey Psst, Wanna Buy Some Cubes’, ‘Yo Bro, Is It Safe Down There in the Woods? Yeah Man, Its Cool’, ‘Dude Is This Yours, I Think You Dropped It Back There’ and ‘How Do You Mean You Don’t Wanna Go Outside?’. These titles help to open the imagination of those viewing his work as images often depict potentially scary creatures while the titles give the impression of a much friendlier being.

Another reason this artist has drawn attention to himself is that it appears he is not creating artwork as a means of making a living or to get rich quick. He is doing it just for the fun and joy of creating pieces of art. This is apparent from the friendly online messages he has sent to his followers on social media sites.

One fan of his work posted a question on Facebook asking the artist where he could buy a piece of his work. Tomislav Jagnjics replied that people can simply find his work online and download it from there as he doesn’t really care. He pointed out that people can print them off for free and even get in touch with him directly if they wanted a high-resolution version of his work as he was happy to arrange this and send it to them personally.

A quick search online reveals a range of sources where you can view the work of this artist. However, if you want to download a piece and print it off, then you are best checking him out on a site called Art Station. This is a website devoted to displaying the art of up and coming artists and giving people access to their work.

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