Tom Hanks Makes a Very Simple Argument for Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President


I’ll start off by saying he’s not even dissing him all that much here.  If you’ve been watching Hanks at all in interviews this week you might notice that he’s been ripping into Donald Trump.  In fact you can tell how the star actor just gets pissed at even the mere mention of Trump.   Hanks is obviously not alone and his comments have been very light compared to the rest of the people out there.  However, I caught this clip today which appears to be an “off” moment during a BBC News interview.

Hanks is just using a very simple analogy for his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton which makes perfect sense.  It makes sense to even to all the idiots out there who understand nothing about nothing.  If you do anything in the world on election day,  at least watch this video.   And another thing, if you’re getting an abscess tooth removed (like Hanks removed himself in Cast Away) this advice also applies.

I would love to see Trump’s reaction to this. He’d probably say something along the lines of “Hanks hates Jews just like me, so don’t take this guy’s word.” I really wouldn’t put it past him.

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