To Learn from a Mistake You Have to Make the Mistake First

We’ve heard the phrase “learn from your mistakes” all too often in our lives.

And while it’s a great piece of advice, most people don’t even take the initiative to make the mistake in the first place.

  • No one likes losing money.
  • No one likes getting punched in the face.
  • No one likes throwing up in the bathroom.
  • No one likes being embarrassed in front of their peers.

But guess what?

  • If you hadn’t lost that money you wouldn’t know what to do the next time that opportunity shows up.
  • If you hadn’t said that stupid thing to that big burly guy in that bar, your face would be just fine.
  • If you hadn’t decided to eat that nasty looking clams casino you wouldn’t have barfed.
  • And if you hadn’t been on Facebook all day in your office, your boss wouldn’t have called you out for it.

Are these the kinds of mistakes I’m telling you to make?  Of course not.

You’ve got to use that tiny thing in your head called a brain and assess each opportunity as it comes.

However, more times than not, if the logic and your instinct tell you to give it a go, then you should.

Here are some mistakes I’ve made in my life that I don’t regret making at all.

  • I lost $30,000 within a month on a stock tip that I never researched
  • I spent $4,000 a month on a PR firm with zero results
  • I spent way too long a time with a female who treated me like garbage.
  • I went shopping with my wife way too many times.

The list goes on and on and on.

The point is simple.  Each mistake we make brings us one step closer to a smoother life.  A life without as many mistakes.

And what’s a good life anyway?  It’s not a life that’s completely without the bad.  It’s a life that’s got more of the good than the bad.

So fail on and fail forward.

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