5 Tips For Developing Pisces-Like Intuition

Pisces are known for their incredible intuition, and using that skill, they seem to bring out the best in everyone they meet. They know how to relate to people, see their perspective, and feel them deeply. Perhaps that’s why people feel validated when discussing their problems with a Pisces. They’re emotionally-deep and highly empathic. Strong intuition might be inherent for a Pisces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop an intuition of a similar nature. If you’re looking for ways to cultivate your intuitive abilities, the following tips will help:

1. Reduce your stress by meditating

Stress is exhausting and can lead to sleep deprivation and other serious health problems. Meditation brings you to a space of calm that turns off the body’s stress response. You’ll never hear your intuition speak when your body is being pumped full of stress hormones.  Meditating regularly trains your body to be able to move into a state of calm more easily. When you can do this at will, you’ll have more opportunity to hear your intuition speak.

2. Approach relationships like a Pisces

How does a Pisces resolve problems with other people? Exploring this question will provide insight into how a Pisces sees the world, which will provide further insight into how they interact in their relationships. Since Pisces are known to be empaths, there’s no mistaking that their way of being holds the key to their deep empathic connections with others. Check out the Pisces horoscope today to find out what issues they’re dealing with, and how they’re advised to handle them. Pisces are emotionally-centered people, and the advice they’re given is generally aimed at ways to maintain harmony in their relationships through deep connection.  Learning how a Pisces connects so deeply with their fellow humans will help you develop similar depth in relationships. People who maintain deep relationships tend to develop higher levels of empathy and intuition.

3. Broaden your worldview and perspective

The more perspectives you can see, the broader your intuitive abilities will be. Intuition is often inhibited by personal judgments and a limited worldview. Although intuition can sometimes be subjective, the most powerful intuitive experiences are objective.  When you receive an intuition that extends beyond your subjective knowledge, you can only access the information with an objective approach. Objectivity is achieved by broadening your worldview. This can be done by researching different angles related to subjects you’re interested in and digging deep to find out why people believe things you don’t.  To understand world issues you may not even be aware of, watching these five documentaries can help.  You don’t need to convince yourself that any particular viewpoint is correct, but the ability to understand other views plays a role in developing spot-on intuition.

4. Learn to recognize intuition as intuition

It’s easy to pass off intuition as a random thought or impulse, but how many times have you realized later on that your intuition was right?  Intuition is subtle and comes in different forms. Some people see flashes of a vision, while others simply find themselves thinking a new thought. Intuition can come to you through any of your senses, including emotion, discomfort in your stomach, or a feeling you can’t describe. Jack Canfield’s blog offers seven ways to strengthen your intuition that really work. Pay special attention to the first and last items on the list: recognizing your intuition and trusting yourself. You can develop all the skills in the world, but if you don’t trust yourself, your intuition will slip right by.

5. Allow yourself to be with silence

Silence is golden, not because it prevents you from hurting someone else’s feelings, but because silence is a wonderful teacher. In silence, you can learn more than you think. You don’t need to seclude yourself in the woods for a year to develop intuition, although that would do the trick.  Sit in silence and relax. Watch the birds foraging for food, and observe the squirrels gathering and burying nuts in the grass. Stare into empty space, watch the stars, and take in your surroundings. The more comfortable you can get with silence, the stronger your intuition will be.

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