Think Twice When You Whine About That Social Media Platform

Clubhouse is the new app that’s all the rage.

The jury is still out on Clubhouse and it’s almost as if there are two crowds: the ones that love it and the ones that hate it.

I’ve barely seen a middle ground here.

From my own perspective I haven’t really figured out what Clubhouse will do for me, and until I do, I won’t have a big opinion.

Sure there’s plenty of value in some of the conversations on there….maybe.

And sure it’s a great place to network and promote yourself….maybe.

Remember, I’ve always said I like to use social media, and not have it use me.

But one thing I won’t do is bash a social media platform just because I’m not bigger on it.

And that’s the reason I think people love to bash certain platforms.

If they were bigger on them and had more influence they wouldn’t whine as much.

Think about it.  If you really hated a platform so much you could just quit it.  So why don’t you?

It’s because you’ve tried for like 2 weeks to get big on it, have failed and therefore must now bash it.

Either that or you’re pissed you didn’t think of the idea first.

If you hate a social media platform, just don’t be on it!  Problem solved.

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