Think of How Much You’ve Been Through in Your Life

I woke up this morning feeling completely lethargic.

Every single moment my eyes were open I wanted to go back to sleep.

It was just one of those days.

Not even something I was dreading doing or anything like that.  It was just one of those days.

Your body is tired.  Your mind is running slowly.  You just can’t seem to “get it together. ”

I rolled downstairs out of bed and did my normal routine but it just felt “cloudy.”

I think we’ve all been there.  And I think we’ll all be there numerous more times in our lives.

But something kind of hit me today that woke me up a bit.

And it wasn’t some kind of gratitude trick.  It wasn’t me saying to myself “life is short,” to get me motivated.

Although I think those exercises are great and can work many many times.   It was something totally different.

I’ve been through a ton

I simply recognized that I’ve been through a lot in my life.

When you really think about it, most lives can be turned into movies.  Seriously.

There’s always a spin on how a person has led their lives.

But most times you don’t even need a spin.

We go through a ton.  Whether it’s pain, happiness, sadness, anger, optimism, or anything else.

When you add up all the moments, all the feelings, all the people in our lives who have affected us, it’s a ton of material.

So when I simply sat back and thought about all of this, something hit me:  “Is today so hard?”

Is today so hard?

We all have tough days.  We all have those kind of days that we just sort of, “go through the motions.”

The day just drifts by and it’s almost as if we’re numb to it.

But if you happen to be feeling that way you might want to stop, take a step back and just think about how much you’ve actually been through in your life.

And when you think about that, then think about today.

Will today ever compare to all of that?

Will the things you need to do over the next 24 hours even remotely compare to the entire story of your life?

Of course it won’t.

It might make today not only easier to handle but also give you that extra oomph to care about said day a little bit more.

Give it a try and get back to me.

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