They’re Not That Much Different Than You Are

I had a conversation recently with a close friend of mine who has ties to a number of “well known” people.

These people are “influencers” or big names in social media in various spaces.

What he told me didn’t surprise me but it also validated what I had been thinking all along.

Most of them out there aren’t so incredibly smart or even talented for that matter.

What they have are “machines” behind them that are pushing them out there to no end.

It doesn’t mean they don’t deserve credit for their success.

It doesn’t mean they don’t have special abilities in their own rights.

They deserve all the credit in the world.

The point is pretty simple:

Not everyone, but nearly everyone can do what they do.

If you simply pull the trigger and find the right people to be behind you, you can go very far in this world.

People wonder, “how did that person get 10 million followers?”  “How did they build their brand so quickly?”

Want the most common answer?

Money and the right team.  That’s it.  A lot of money and the right team to put that money to work.

That’s why they’re plastered all over the internet.

I’m not saying this is easy.

Again, they deserve all the credit.

But I am saying that if you have the resources behind you, you can most definitely be in the position of many of these folks.

Something to think about.

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