10 Fun Facts About the Therizinosaurus

Have you ever heard of the dinosaur called Therizinosaurus? Even most people that are somewhat familiar with the different types of dinosaurs are left scratching their heads at this one. Some people didn’t even believe that this was a real dinosaur, thinking that it was instead something that was made up for television or the movies. In reality, this dinosaur was very much real and it was pretty interesting, as dinosaurs go. One thing is certain, it certainly wasn’t like any of the other dinosaurs that were roaming around the earth. If you want to know more about it, read these 10 things that are listed below.

1. There is a full-size likeness in Poland

It’s located in a village called Baltow, and it’s grouped with a few other dinosaurs that are also full-size displays. In this particular case, it’s a best guess because this is a dinosaur that is fairly new to science. To date, all of the bones associated with this particular type of dinosaur have not yet been found. This might leave something to the imagination, but most people agree that the full-size likeness located in Poland is fairly accurate.

2. They lived at the same time as Tyrannosaurus Rex

Like many of the dinosaurs that roamed the earth, they had to deal with some that were constantly in a bad mood. When people think about dinosaurs that are truly in charge of everything they come into contact with, the Tyrannosaurus Rex naturally comes to mind. Imagine what it would have been like to have to existed on Earth at the same time as this massive creature. Even for other dinosaurs, this must have been difficult.

3. It was big… really big

Scientists estimate that this dinosaur was a whopping 33 feet long and weighed as much as five tons. It’s hard to even imagine something that could possibly be that big. Just stop and think, if this dinosaur was afraid of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, imagine what a bruiser that monster must have been.

4. They had four toes

As previously mentioned, scientists are still trying to learn about this dinosaur. However, they have discovered something that’s rather interesting and it sets them apart from nearly every other dinosaur that existed. They had four toes instead of three. As scientists find out more about them, they’re discovering that these dinosaurs were different in lots of ways, more of which will be discussed later.

5. Several eggs have been found

A number of these dinosaur eggs have been found unhatched. Furthermore, they were found grouped together, leading scientists to believe that these were not creatures of isolation. Instead, many individuals who study them think that they traveled in groups and that they might have become even more social when it was time to lay eggs and raise their young.

6. Some had feathers

This is one of the weirdest facts about this particular dinosaur. Some of them were covered from head to tail in feathers as if they were some kind of giant bird. Others didn’t seem to have any feathers at all. It’s made it extremely difficult for scientists because of the wild variations in these types of dinosaurs when compared to other species.

7. No one really knows what to make of them

This is still a problem for most scientists. They have more toes than other dinosaurs, they’re exceptionally large, some have feathers and some don’t. Scientists don’t even know how to classify this dinosaur, much less how to determine some of the finer points about it.

8. Some prior theories about this dinosaur were downright funny

For a while, there was a popular theory among scientists that this was not a full-fledged dinosaur, but instead a giant turtle. It’s hard to understand how they came up with that theory, but it was supposedly based on partial skeletons that were found. Over time, as they found more parts of the skeleton and learned more based on their research, they scrapped the turtle theory. Scientists now believe that this is a dinosaur that looked more like a Brontosaurus, yet walked on its hind legs and had claws on its front legs. You might think of it as a cross between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Brontosaurus.

9. It ate plants

One of the things scientists are fairly certain of is that this was a dinosaur that exclusively ate plants. It was certainly big enough and heavy enough to eat just about anything it wanted, but like the Brontosaurus that it seems to so closely resemble, it appears to have refrained from eating any type of meat.

10. It has claws that are almost as massive as it is

Would you want to deal with something that had claws that could grow to as much as two feet in length? Most people wouldn’t. Pictures of this dinosaur make it look like it’s an ancient cousin of Freddy Krueger. Plant eater or not, it’s definitely not something that anyone with any level of sanity would want to mess with.

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