There’s a Whole Meme Community That Doesn’t Think Mark Zuckerberg is Human

The Facebook CEO can easily be described as beyond human. He’s successful; he’s powerful; and he also has access to a lot of collective user information at his fingertips. However, there’s an entire community of Redditors that think Zuckerberg is actually a robot trying to pretend to be human. No, not really. These users just banded supposedly to point out and poke fun at what they consider as Zuckerberg’s power complex. To many, Zuckerberg might be the billionaire good guy, but to these Redditors who have dug deeper, they see Zuckerberg as someone who associates with the lowly just to feed his power trip.

So they created a community dedicated to creating Zuckerberg memes that target his apparent inhumanity. The community is called r/ZuckMemes and it’s a collection of some of the most hilarious and ridiculous memes that feature Zuckerberg. The description of the sub is as follows: “Mark Zuckerberg is the human founder of the massive social media website called Facebook.” That’s just the beginning of it all.

The subreddit community is surprisingly large, and not all those members are Facebook free—but they might be thinking about it at least. The subreddit has 19,000 users, which goes to show that not everyone thinks highly of the social media genius. There are tons of examples to choose from, but some of the best memes feature Zuckerberg just doing normal things.

One meme showed the time when Zuckerberg posted a video of himself smoking meat in his backyard. The subreddit community turned it all around and changed the tag on the post, stating that Zuckerberg enjoys “charring meat inside of an unpressurized vessel behind my domicile.” It’s one of the things that the Redditors tend to do with the Zuckerberg memes. They make him sound completely robotic. Even more, they make Zuckerberg sound like a robot that’s doing all it can to become as humanlike as possible.

In another post from when Zuckerberg met with a group of Somali refugees, the subreddit group took that event as an opportunity to show what they felt Zuckerberg was really doing. Instead of highlighting the dire situation of refugees globally, the subreddit community believes that Zuckerberg met with the refugees simply to feed his power trip. It might be quite a stretch for some to see, and even though the meme community doesn’t mean it to be completely blunt, they might have a point about the billionaire needing to feed his power.

Whether you look into the subreddit posts just to see or to actually join in the movement, you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of it. There’s not much harm done either, especially since Zuckerberg does have access to all our data online. It might be easier to imagine him as an actual robot than a person; that way, it might be easier to accept the fact that something has that much power over so many people. It wouldn’t be a surprise then, just like one of the memes pointed out, that Zuckerberg might be poising to become ruler of us all one day. Who knows?

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