There are Approximately 6.3 Million Coaches on Linkedin Right Now

Before the pandemic there were approximately 2 million coaches on Linkedin.

According to this article, there are now 6.3 million.

As a casual observer I look at this and think to myself: holy shit that’s a lot of scam bullshit out there.

Either that or I’m a dumbass and say to myself “boy that’s a lot of people willing to help me!”

As a performance coach myself I think to myself “that’s amazing news for me.”


Because I know for a fact I’m more qualified than 99% of them so that means when someone comes across my content, it’s likely they’ll feel refreshed because for once I don’t look like the other guys.

But what does this really tell us?

It tells me a few things:

First off, that clearly not a lot of people are qualified coaches.  Just because it says “coach” somewhere in your profile doesn’t mean shit.

Second, it tells me there are a lot of bad people out there.  Why?  Because they are taking advantage of people’s emotions during a pandemic. The huge hoards of non qualified coaches are vultures trying to prey on weakness and scam people out of money when their product is total garbage.

Third.  If you are a good coach, this is good news for you because this won’t last forever.  Once the pandemic is over, watch that 6.3 million number trickle back under 2 million.

Fourth:  The definition of coach is obviously completely up in the air.  If you have 6 million people claiming to be coaches, then what the hell is a coach anyway?

What a coach really is

A coach is really a therapist who doesn’t deal with things that therapists deal with.

We don’t deal in addictions or highly personal issues.

A good coach deals with improvement be it in life or in business.  However, if it starts getting down to things like drug addiction. alcoholism, sexual issues, etc etc I’ll always refer that off to someone more qualified than myself.

That’s not to say a good personal coach can’t help someone improve in these areas.  But it’s to say their primary role is NOT to delve into these issues.

If I help someone improve their life and as a result it improves their relationships, great.  But again, that’s not how I help people.

A good coach is also someone who helps people figure things out on THEIR OWN. It’s not someone who tells people what to do.

The tools I want people to build are tools that allow them to manage their own lives.

Yes, I hand hold, but that’s not my goal.

My goal is to teach people to ride their own bikes without the training wheels.

Remember these things while sifting through 6 million hacks claiming to be coaches.

Need a good coach?  You don’t have to look far to find me.

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