The Sense of Empowerment I Felt After Leaving the Rat Race

I’ve told this story to a number of people but I’ve only mentioned it once here.

To this day I can still remember with clear vision what I consider to be the best day of my career.

I couldn’t tell you the date of when it happened.  I have no clue what I wore that day or what the weather was like.  But I sure as hell remember how I felt.

It was the day when I first made 5 dollars in a day using display advertising.

It was the first time I felt I had “arrived.”

I knew that if I could make 5 bucks then why not 500 or even 5,000?

The funny thing is that I’ve had days like that.  I’ve literally made thousands of dollars in one day from just my ads alone.

But none of those days were as satisfying as when I had my first five dollar day.

When that day had passed, I was still in my full-time job.  Still in the “rat race.”

But that was the day I knew that I would one day be my own boss.  Sure enough it eventually happened.

What it represented

As I look back on those days the most distinct feeling I remember was the sense of empowerment I had.

For the first time in my life I knew that me and only me was responsible for my financial and personal destiny.

I don’t think anything feels more empowering than that.

Multiply that times 100 and that’s how I felt when I actually DID leave my job.

Granted I was scared (as I mentioned yesterday) and excited about being in the unknown, it paled in comparison to how empowered I felt.

When you know that the decisions you make directly affect your future and financial well-being it can be overwhelming but it’s also amazing.

Being in a corporate job takes almost every piece of control you have out of the equation.

Nearly everything is out of your hands.

No matter how hard you work, great your ideas are, or how much initiative you show, you are always at the mercy of the company.

When you work for yourself, the risk can be perceived as greater but any entrepreneur (like me) will tell you otherwise.

Entrepreneurs know there’s way more risk when you can’t depend on yourself.  They know this because working for others doesn’t empower you nearly as much as working for yourself does.

On the flip side

Obviously you don’t want to abuse this sense of empowerment.

Being your own boss is an enormous responsibility and you must not take advantage of the little things that can get in your way.

It’s one thing to have a flexible schedule.  It’s another to watch TV all day just because you can.

As much as empowerment is a great thing, it can also be your worst enemy when you don’t have to answer to anyone.

That’s why you need discipline, accountability, and motivation.

But once you have those cylinders running, empowerment will produce the greatest yields by far.

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