The Second You Spend Money, You Haven’t Saved Any At All

When you buy something that’s on sale, you didn’t save any money. Let me repeat that so it hits home: When you buy something and it’s on sale, you did not save any money. One of the biggest tricks or illusions that any sale has pulled since the beginning of time is the perception that spending money is saving money.

In the immediate term, if you spend money on anything, it’s literally impossible for you to have saved money. You will have spent it. If you spend a dollar on something, you have a dollar less than you had before. I know this sounds almost elementary, but it’s a mindset that people have that gets them into a lot of trouble. They get duped into buying things thinking that they’re saving money.

Let me explain what saving money on a product really looks like:

It can only be in the long term. I’m not saying it’s not smart to buy a quality product that you never have to replace. For example, if you buy a product that’s incredibly high-quality and you never have to replace it, you will have probably spent less money long term than if you had bought a piece of shit product that you had to replace three times, hence you will have spent less money over the long term. In essence the money you would have earned and not have spent during this period you could have been put away and “saved.”

But that’s the only situation where it’s actually saved….is when it’s put away. And why do I bring this all up? Because you should be asking yourself a very important question whenever you purchase something.

“Do I need this now?”

If you can ask yourself that question, you might end up spending a lot less money and being able to save more money. So let’s say this for one last time so it hits home: when something is on sale and you buy it, the day that you buy it, you saved nothing.

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