The Same Old Boring Stuff Works Year After Year

I’ve been in the digital media business for 12 years now.  I’d like to think I’ve seen it all with regards to my sites going up, going down, making no money to making a ton of money.  I’ve gotten whacked by Google updates, had copyright trolls try to extort me, waited on 6 figure payments that could have made or broke my business, you name it.   What amazes me after this (what feels like) endless journey on the internet is that to this day, the exact same fundamentals are what drives my websites forward and growing.

What are they?  Solid content, promotion of said content, and ZERO shortcuts.  When I just put my head down, publish a ton of great content and release it into the wild (i.e. social media channels or email or whatever), good things tend to happen.  Often times if I try a new “program” or some kind of “tool” that promises to help my business, it doesn’t.

I’m not saying I don’t try new things.  I try them ALL the time.  The point is that after 12 years, the exact same things still work:  Good content, promotion of content, and ZERO shortcuts.

The lesson in all of this?  Whatever your business may be, often times there are a finite set of fundamentals that will consistently drive you forward year after year.  Don’t EVER lose site of them, and don’t ever get distracted by all the fancy promises and shiny things that claim will get you to the promised land.  99 times out of 100 it’s those fundamentals that’ll get you there.

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