The Only New Year’s Resolutions I Will Approve Of

I have two opinions on New Year’s resolutions and here they are:

On the one hand they are great for my business as a coach because 9 times out of 10 people come calling in February because they failed at stick with their resolution and need my help affirming what we had already talked about prior to the New Year.

But along the exact same lines: I cannot stand New Year’s resolutions.

If you really think that a New Year is going to get your ass into gear to make permanent changes you’ll likely be disappointed.

So like the title of this article says, the only New Year’s resolution I’ll approve of is a permanent one.

If the New Year is what gets you over the hump to making permanent and necessary changes in your life, I’m all for it.

But most of us know better.

It’s not a New Year’s thing.

It’s an every day thing.

No year, date, or celebratory party is going to get you over that hump you’re trying to hurdle yourself over.

It’s you, and ultimately you alone.

Cut the crap and start making changes now.  Not tomorrow.  Not next year.  Now.

You know who to contact.

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