The Obscene Amount of Time You’re Wasting in Your Life

I just ran some numbers that amounted to an incredibly scary statistic that I’ve come up with.

It may or may not be true but I’m willing to bet it’s close to highly accurate.

As you know I’m a huge proponent of time management so nothing pisses me off more than wasting time.

But even I get engaged in way too many activities that are time wasters.

And by the way, taking a nap, scrolling social media, being a couch potato….I don’t even consider these time wasters unless you are abusing them.

Most every action you take can serve a purpose but as soon as it’s not serving a specific purpose it’s safe to say it’s a time waster.

So what’s a good example?  Checking your email 25 times in a day when you could really check it 3.  That’s probably 20 minutes right there.

If you’re scrolling your social media feed for 2 hours instead of 20 minutes, you’re likely wasting your time.

There are an infinite amount more examples but get ready for the scary stuff.

Let’s say I’m being conservative in estimating that the average human wastes approximately 2-3 hours a day.

Again I think that’s an extremely conservative number.   Let’s do some math.

2-3 hours a day equals 14-21 hours a week wasted.

So in a month you’re wasting approximately 64-84 hours (that’s only a 4 week estimate when a month is actually 2-3 more days than that).

How many days is is that? Somewhere above 2 days and a bit less than 4.  Let’s be conservative and say 3.

You’re wasting 3 days a month.  Multiply that times 12 and you’ve got 36 days a year that you’re wasting.

That means you’ve wasted an entire year of your life every 11-12 years.  If the average age of a human is 84, we’re talking over 7 years of your life wasted.

This is incredibly hard to believe but again, I think I’m being pretty conservative here.

What in the hell are you waiting for?

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