The Mastery and Dominance of One Thing Makes Other Things Way Easier

Call me competitive.  Call me selfish.  Call me anything you want, but I’ve always wanted to be successful at selling a product.  And for the life of me I’ve always sucked big time at it.  The one time I had limited success at selling anything was when I had small line of measuring cups and spoons that I branded and sold on Amazon.  It went OK and I made a profit but it was certainly nothing to write home about.

But ever since I began creating websites in 2007 I’ve always wanted to be able to sell a product, any product, but it’s never gone well.  You see, my business is volume.  I need to attract millions of visitors a month to make a good living and I guess I’ve always wanted to see success in a business where I didn’t necessarily have to have over a million people come to my site in order to make a good living.

Again though, the websites I have are more informational and entertaining in nature, and for whatever reason they’ve never lent themselves to being product pushers.  Sure I may get an affiliate sale here and there, but I’ve never cracked the code of selling products.

And perhaps I never will crack this code, but as I get older I realize something more and more each day: I don’t have to.  I don’t need to be good at selling products to have success selling products.  I have to do what I’ve always done: build up an audience, or should I say the RIGHT audience, and selling products will be much easier.

In other words, if you are a master of one area, then the transition into other areas becomes much easier.

The Kardashians are always my go to example

People rag on the Kardashians because many perceive them as a family with little talent.  Many perceive this family as an entitled, spoiled bunch who make money for being popular but who have no real life professional skills.  This is where I think people get it all wrong.  The Kardashians are masters at being popular.  And that in and of itself is a skill that has given them openings in thousands of other businesses.

Yes, the kids in the family may have had an advantage because of their parents’ wealth.  Yes, they may have gotten a head start because of their fame and place in life.  But don’t you think there are other families out there who are good looking?  Aren’t there other families out there who could replace the Kardashians any second?

The answer is a definitive “no.”  The Kardashians have literally lasted over two decades now, and obviously they’re doing something right.  If other so-called “no talent” families could take the place of The Kardashians, they would have by now.

What people don’t understand is that Kris Jenner is a fierce manager.  People don’t realize how much work this woman puts in behind the scenes.  What people don’t understand is that every tweet, every Instagram post, nearly every single thing this family does is deliberate and by design.  From camera angles to photoshop “mistakes,”  each action is designed to do one thing: elicit a reaction from the public and keep the popularity up and growing.

Kylie Cosmetics

Which leads me to Kylie Jenner.  Do you think Kylie Cosmetics would be as successful as it is today if Kylie Jenner didn’t have the millions of followers she has?  Do you really think that Kylie Jenner would have “earned” the right to even move into the cosmetics industry if her following didn’t exist?  Of course not.

There are plenty of females out there who are just as attractive and use their makeup products in just as good a way as Kylie.  But Kylie is the one who is a billionaire.  Why?  It’s not just because she’s good looking and has “zero talent.”  Like I said, Kylie’s name and place in life got her off to a great head start, but that only takes you so far.

Kyle is a master of social media, plain and simple.  Every single time she posts on Instagram it means something to millions of people.  Every message she relays leads to a humongous reaction, and as importantly, ACTION by millions of people.  Not only is that power, that’s also ability.

At this point, Kylie Jenner could become a film producer if she wanted to, and I’m guessing it would probably go fairly well.   But again, none of this exists without Kylie’s social media fame.

Plenty of examples

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker right?  Then what the hell is he doing selling books about finance?  The answer is simple.  He built up such a reputation as a motivational speaker that his popularity and money gave him access to whatever people he wanted to talk to in order to write his book about finance.  So what did he do?  He tapped the greatest financial minds in the world to write his book on finance which of course sold millions of copies.  But none of this would have happened without his insanely successful brand as a motivational speaker.

Become a master

Master whatever it is you are good at and then parlay that into other areas of interest.  It’s a much easier transition than if you start from scratch or what I call a “place of weakness.”   If you become a master in one thing, the sky is the limit on all the other things to follow.

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