The “Big Break” Isn’t Normal: In fact It’s Extremely Rare

Almost everyone who is on social media has an expectation of a “big break.”

Even me.

You think that because you’ve been on a platform long enough that all of a sudden the world will align in your favor and the “magic” will happen.

Your following will explode.

The opportunities will come in left and right.

You’ll get everything you always wanted and more.

But what do you do when that “big break” doesn’t come?

Do you hang it up and quit?  Or do you keep going?

The reason most people don’t make it on social media, or in any long term endeavor for that matter, is unrealistic expectations.

We want it all and we want it fast.

However, what separates the successful from the ones who give up is the willingness to keep going.

It’s the ones who realize and accept that the overnight success story is mostly fiction.

Does it happen?  Yes.  And the fact that it does happen, even if rarely, is a huge gimmick many sales people use to get you to “believe.”

But in reality, almost anything that’s perceived as a “big break” came from years of hard work, sacrifice, and consistency.

So the next time you go into something, know that in 99.9% of the cases it’ll take you years to make it.

The question is, will you show up day in and day out for all those years?

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