The Best Time to Be An Entrepreneur is Always Now

Start a business now for no money down and no time commitments!  Just kidding guys.  I’m not here to sell you on some get rich quick scheme.  I’m not even here to tell you to start a business.  That decision is entirely up to you. But I will say this when it comes to starting a business:  The best time to start it is always now.

However, me saying starting now isn’t necessarily meant to be motivational (though if you want to take it that way, then that’s fine, whatever works).  It’s actually a much more practical approach and proof that there is no “right” time to start a business, so starting now makes the most sense.

But, let’s get into it.  Why should you start a business now?  I’m going to highlight three reasons that make perfect sense.

1. There’s always going to be something wrong

Let’s say you want to start a speaking business in the era of COVID-19.  Sounds like a pretty bad idea right?  Other than virtual seminars there isn’t a whole lot going on in the speaking business.  No one really knows when in person seminars, conventions, panels, etc etc will resume so why even bother?

Clearly starting a business in the middle of a pandemic has its challenges.  And I’d be wrong to tell you that going all in on a speaking business is the right move at this very point in time.  But when is the right time?

Is there ever a time when starting a business doesn’t have its challenges?  Even when the economy is rocking and the time is ripe to take out a loan for your venture, do you really think there aren’t other challenges out there that you, individually, are going to have to face?

No matter what’s going on the world or right in your own home, you need to know that there is no ideal condition for starting a business.  It doesn’t exist.  Life is messy and unpredictable, and so too is starting a business at any point in time.

2. There’s always something you can do no matter what the timing it is

While starting a speaking business doesn’t make the most sense in the world right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be doing anything to prepare and lay the foundation for your business.  Let’s take me as an example.

When I began writing on this website, a clear cut goal of mine was to eventually build up an online presence that might lead to speaking engagements.  While those speaking engagements are likely a minimum of six months away, does that mean I shouldn’t be doing everything humanly possibly to not only prepare for those events, but to also lay some serious groundwork for them?  Of course not.

I’ve used the term “hibernating” before when it comes to COVID-19.  I like to think of this time as a hibernation period.  I can either sit on my ass, rest, come out of this refreshed but having made no progress, or I can choose to put in some serious work and come out of this period not only rested, but also prepared as hell and ready to go.

That choice is completely up to me.

3. The longer you wait, the longer you will wait

Ever have a bunch of clothes pile up and you just don’t feel like doing laundry at all?  What happens if you don’t do the laundry?  In all likelihood more clothes will pile up and the less you’ll want to do laundry.  Eventually you have a mountain of clothing and it gets harder and harder to muster up the will power to get that damn laundry done.

The same goes for starting a business.  The longer you wait, the more your brain is going to pile on doubt.   The more you’re going to process just how much you might have to do.  The prospect of starting a business will begin to sound more and more daunting.

So much so that you might keep putting it off over and over and over again.  Before you know it, the idea has completely been placed at the back of your mind and the chances of you pressing the start button grow less and less by the day.

*But still be strategic

Having said all of this. Please don’t take this as me saying “do it, do it now. no matter what!”

Think of it this way.  Preparing to start a business is actually part of starting a business.  So remember that going into something the right way is actually part of the process.

I’m not telling you to go out and try to secure funding with zero business plan.  I’m not telling you to try to get clients in the IT business and you have zero IT experience.  I’m telling you that whatever business it is you want to start, the learning process is also a part of starting the business.

Each step counts.  Remember that.

But again, with regard to starting a business, there’s no better time to do it than now.

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