The Best Bloodsport Scene That Never Aired


Bloodsport remains one of my all-time favorite martial arts movies.  I still can’t decide if I’d go with Bloodsport or Kickboxer but either one is a solid choice.  Honestly if there was one action star that could even hold a candle to Arnold it was JCVD.  He had it all.  The looks, the body, the dumb accent, and even the choreography skills.  That all came together in his 1985 brilliant masterpiece depicting the story of real life Frank Dux.

Unfortunately the movie was over sensationalized but was it really unfortunate?  If it weren’t we wouldn’t have countless scenes to refer to in the martial arts movies scenes Hall of Fame that I made up just now.  In one of those classic scenes where the actors are just messing around, here you see Jean Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung just going at it like rock stars.

I always knew there was something special between these guys.

P.S. this video may be 100 years old but I swear it will never, ever get old.

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