That Time Kid Rock Took a Massive Pay Cut to Keep Ticket and Beer Prices Down

Kid Rock is set to tour throughout the United States this summer in combination with other performers. However, the more interesting piece of news might be the changes that Kid Rock is planning to introduce to the tour, which he says he has been working on for some time.

First, Kid Rock has struck a deal that will ensure $20 for tickets to his concerts throughout the tour, which is a significant change for a number of reasons. For example, this is much lower than the charge for most concerts, thus opening up the tour to a much wider range of people. Furthermore, this eliminates a lot of the uncertainties surrounding ticket prices, which can see a fair amount of variation based on a number of factors. Summed up, this is a huge benefit for Kid Rock fans, particularly since the performer has acknowledged that the increase in the number of people who will show up won’t offset the revenue made off of each person, meaning that he is essentially getting a price cut by doing this.

Second, other expenses are going to see a reduction as well. For example, the cost of beer will be lowered to $4 for 12-oz. bottle. Meanwhile, there will be Kid Rock merchandise priced at $20 as well. This serves much the same purpose as the price changes for the tickets, which should come as welcome news to people who are interested but still unsure about whether they should go or not.

Besides these price changes, there are some other interesting measures being introduced as well. For example, Kid Rock has stated that the tour is going to combat scalpers by setting aside some tickets that will be sold at a price lower than that offered by the scalpers. This should enable the people behind the tour to have a measurable impact on scalpers, seeing as how their offerings will be not just cheaper but also guaranteed to produce a real ticket as opposed to gambling on said outcome. Furthermore, Kid Rock has stated that he is thinking about not selling the first two rows to the concerts wherever possible so that he and some of the other people behind the tour can upgrade concert-goers based on who shows the most enthusiasm.

Overall, these changes should provide a fair amount of benefit for concert-goers, though interested individuals should note that there can still be some minor variations in price. For instance, it has been stated that tickets bought via Ticketmaster will still come with a $5 service fee on top of the $20, whereas Walmart will offer them for the stated $20. As a result, people who want to see one of Kid Rock’s concerts should be prepared to make their purchases when tickets go on sale on April 12, though they should still do their best to research everything of relevance beforehand.

Could This Spread?

Kid Rock has stated that one of the reasons that he is doing this is because he wants other performers to take similar steps. He has acknowledged that this is possible because he is already a huge success, meaning that he can absorb the financial consequences even if he takes a loss. As a result, it will be interesting to see whether other performers will follow suit or not.

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