Teen Builds a Prosthetic Arm with LEGO Bricks

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to be born with only one arm? Teenager David Aguilar didn’t have to imagine because he was living that reality. Born with an arm that wasn’t fully developed, he dealt with most of the same difficulties that other people in a similar situation would deal with. By his own admission, most of the difficulties came in the way other people treated him when he was younger.

This is the kid that was always interested in Legos and he was good enough to build virtually anything he wanted to. In fact, he got tired of being teased about not having two arms and at the tender age of nine, he made the decision to build a prosthetic arm out of Legos. He built the arm and it was effective, but it wasn’t strong enough for him to use it more than a couple of times. He didn’t let this deter him. He simply went back to the drawing board, so to speak, with Legos that were made to be a little more resilient. Make no mistake about it, this wasn’t easy. It actually took him a full nine years between the first prototype and the next one. However, once he worked out all the kinks and knew what he needed to build, he built it in just five days.

It was a success and it was strong enough that he could do virtually anything he wanted with it. He even demonstrates doing push ups with it in the video. As good as it was, he wanted something even better. Therefore, he set out to build a more sophisticated version that was powered by a battery. That prosthetic arm functions in much the same way that a human arm and hand function, allowing him to open and close doors, hold things and do virtually anything else he chooses.

All of this just goes to show that no one is ever disabled unless they choose to be. Aguilar openly makes the comment that he is just a normal teenager. He doesn’t like to be thought of any differently than anyone else. This video proves that if somebody has the drive to do something, it can be done, no matter how long it takes.

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