Struggling to Make More Money? Copy Other People

Guess what folks?  There’s no law against copying others when it comes to making money.

No, you cannot steal.  You aren’t allowed to take intellectual property.  No, you can’t just use licensed stuff with no permission.

But when it comes to the how and what of a business?  You can absolutely copy others.

  • Otherwise there wouldn’t be a Burger King after McDonald’s launched.
  • Otherwise there wouldn’t be 100 companies trying to sell you a smart phone.
  • Otherwise there wouldn’t be multiple car companies.

You get my point.

In this age of authenticity and trying to do original things, keep in mind that copying as a means to make an income is perfectly OK as long as you are staying within ethical and legal lines.

Do you know how many businesses are emulated from other successful ones?

Do you realize how many “clones” are out there?

While you’re racking your brain trying to clean up on the next “big thing” that no one ever thought of, millions are doing just fine taking solid principles and business plans from already successful ventures and turning them into their own successful businesses and ventures.

Think about how many people own real estate, sell cars, have online stores, resell on Amazon, you name it.

If done right you can literally copy what others are doing and do extremely well for yourself.

Remember that the next time you stress out over how you’re going to make your next buck.

Plenty of people are already making bucks and there are blueprints everywhere on how to do so.

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