Stop Whining Unless You Really have a Right To (Which You Don’t)

Ever been stuck in traffic?

Of course you have.

Ever been stuck in traffic and screamed your head off because of how annoying it was?

Of course you have.

Ever stop and think to yourself that the reason you are in traffic is because you put yourself there?

Yikes.  God forbid it’s your fault

It can’t be your fault can it?

It has to be that asshole driver in front of you.

It’s got to be that accident a few miles up.

It’s got to be that dreaded “rush hour” curse.

There’s just no way it’s your fault is it?

But what if it is your fault?

What if you woke up 20 minutes earlier?  Would you still be stuck traffic?

What if you didn’t have that shitty job that was 50 miles away from your house?

Could that have been avoided?

Maybe it could have by actions you took literally 5 years ago.  Or perhaps it could be avoided by the actions you take five minutes from now.

Think about how many reasons there are for you being stuck in traffic right now.

It’s endless.

But know this:

In almost everything experience there’s a way to connect it to an action we took at some point in our lives.

And as painful as that is to recognize, it’s also incredibly liberating.

Once we realize how much our actions affect nearly everything we experience in life, it places more importance on said actions.

Sure, a little thing like waking up 20 minutes earlier might seem inconsequential, but it could very well change your entire day, week, or year.

Maybe you’ll remember that the next time you hit the snooze button.

Need more help being intentional with everything you do?  Let’s talk.

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